Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holiday playing!

It has been such fun to play around with colours and designs this last week as I am on school holiday!
Next week is going to be really busy organising the new classroom Whoopee! Can't believe it is finally going to happen. Anyway, I might not get so much creative time.
Here are 5 different versions of the same print which I bought from Charmaine's Cards.  It always amazes me what a few different colours and designs can do to the same basic print! I have also played around a bit with some dies I bought this week - similar to Nestabilities but locally made so the price suits my pocket! 
If you have any constructive suggestions to make, please do become a follower and leave a comment. I will find it eventually! LOL

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  1. Hi Cel, welcome to blogland. I'm a friend of Paola and she told me about you, so I thought I would pop around to say Hi and to wish you all the best. A suggestion, if that's ok... Can you put your Followers list on top as well as your pretty pic/profile, that makes it easier for crafters to follow and see who this blog belongs to. Look forward to viewing your creations. These are are awesome. I just love these floral baskets. Take care, hugs Sharon, Cape Town